Upgrading from InfluxDB version 0.8

Due to a number of breaking changes between InfluxDB versions 0.8 and 0.9, hosted instances running InfluxDB version 0.8 cannot be directly upgraded to InfluxDB version 0.9.

An upgrade requires existing data to be migrated by extracting all data from the existing version 0.8 database and then importing the data into a version 0.9 database running on a new hosted instance.

Hosted customers who wish to upgrade should reach out to the InfluxDB support team to request a new instance running InfluxDB version 0.9.

Note: Hosted customers who do not wish to preserve existing data can ignore the following data migration steps.

Once you have been provisioned a new instance running InfluxDB version 0.9, there are several steps to migrate existing data.

  1. First, understand the changes introduced in InfluxDB version 0.9. Reevaluating the data schema for 0.9 is highly recommended. Some queries can be much more performant in 0.9 with the right schema.
  2. Update all clients writing to InfluxDB to use the 0.9 line protocol. Test the clients.
  3. Read through the following documentation on the InfluxDB 0.8 to 0.9 data migration import/export process to become familiar with the migration steps.
  4. Schedule an upgrade of your existing 0.8 database to InfluxDB version 0.8.9, which includes the utilities to bulk export data.
  5. Follow the directions in the the InfluxDB 0.8 to 0.9 data migration import/export process.
  6. Once you have completed the migration and are no longer using the InfluxDB version 0.8 instance, notify the InfluxDB support team so it can be scheduled for deletion.

Feel free to reach out to the InfluxDB support team at any time with questions about the migration.

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