Upgrading from InfluxDB version 0.9.2

The upgrade from InfluxDB version 0.9.2 to later InfluxDB versions on the 0.9 release line is a straightforward, but does include a few breaking changes.

For customers on the hosted service, please be aware of the following breaking changes when upgrading from 0.9.2.

Breaking Change 1

Description: The line protocol in version interprets any numerical field without a decimal point as an integer. Newer versions of InfluxDB require an explicit "i" at the end of a number to indicate an integer. All other numbers, with or without a decimal, are interpreted as floats, e.g. cpu,region=east integer=1i,float=1 1446590895727107862.

Effect: If a client is writing integers in, batches with those points will be rejected since will interpret them as floats. Eventually, when a new shard is created (every 1d with the default retention policy) the field will be re-cast to a float and writes will succeed.

Breaking Change 2

Description: The implicit GROUP BY * that was added to every SELECT * has been removed. Instead any tags in the data are now part of the columns in the returned query.

Effect: The removal of the implicit GROUP BY * will change the JSON layout of the response for queries using `SELECT *` so that tags are returned as columns. To retain the old response layout, the query would need to include a GROUP BY *.

If you have any client programs writing points as integers, please coordinate the upgrade of any clients with the InfluxDB support team.

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